My system of training football players is based on the following factors.

Trainings include installing the following tasks:

  • identification of the stage of development, the periods of preparation of players and sensitive phases of young players

  • identification of the individual characteristics and abilities (running tests)

  • determining the scope and intensity of training within the microcycle and mesocycle

  • set specific goals, objectives, methods and means of training process

  • harmonization of fitness and football training in order to implement the tasks progress

  • application of the integral method (analysis and synthesis) of technical, tactical, psychological and physiological characteristics of the game

  • assessment of the development of football game and estimatation according to the model of top player

  • assessment of the potentials of player in various areas and plans of development at different periods

  • development of a long term plan of strategy and dynamics of player development

Trainings are organized in accordance with generally accepted stages of development of football players:

1. stage – training young players

  • a. pre-education    (6-8 years)

  • b. education           (9-11 years)

  • c. pre-training         (12-15 years)

  • d. training               (16-19 years)

2. stage – training elite players

  • e. after-training (training for superior results) (20 or more years)

For football players three levels of group training are established, as well as an individual approach. All group trainings are held by arrangement and synchronized with the demands of football training 3 or more times a week.

  • Group training (pre-education, education and pre-training)

    LEVEL 1 (2 players)
    3 or more sessions a week. This level of preparation, with frequent use of measurement and simulation electronic equipment and with regular soccer trainings, provides competition and training shape at the national level.

    LEVEL 2 (4 players)
    3 sessions a week for 1 hour. Compared to the previous level (3), the training is far more demanding and with regular soccer training provides a competitive level of physical preparation. Besides, this type of training helps in performing more complex technical trainings.

    LEVEL 3 (6 players)
    3 sessions a week for 1 hour. Training includes general physical preparation. This level is suitable for players who are just starting with a professional approach to conditional training.

  • Individual trainings (trainings and after-trainings)

    This form of cooperation between the players and conditional training requires the coachto provide the following important factors:

    • taking complete care of the general and specific physical preparation of athletes

    • the use of the most modern training methods and electronic telemetry equipment

    • long-term planning and precise control of permanent shape (load-recovery)

    • the systematic (additional) condition training in pre-competition and competition period (8 to 10 times a week, according to the others physical training duties of the player).

    • the plan in the transitional period (active rest, massage, recovery)

    • organization of additional training in terms that allow players to compete adequate recovery

    • organization of additional training in close spaces (gyms, balloons) that meet all the standards of hygiene and provides an adequate adaptation of players to the training stimulus

    • player's recovery plan

      • educational resources (adequate periodization of four trainings in microcycle)

      • medical resources (additional supplements appropriate to the actual moment of the training process)

      • psychological resources (daily consultation with the player on the results of player, its psychosocial and emotional status, motivation, etc.)

      • contact with a professional masseur with major league experience in football of at least 4 years

      • plan of the massages in agreement with the player

    • information about proper nutrition of the player (written instructions for the leading dietary rules or precise nutrition plan made up by professionals (doctors), if the situation requires

    • the regular monitoring of the same nutrition program

    • the systematic testing of functional and motor skills as well as proper documentation about tested measurements

    • the necessary consultations with the top coaches and players about professional and sports specialization of players (position in the team, technical advancement, tactical training position on the team, etc.). twice a month

    • adequate recognition of players on all professional levels (personal contacts according to personal judgment)

  • In the form of individual training an active telemetric monitoring of training load and recovery of players using the latest telemetry equipment is often present (SUUNTO).