My training system for tennis players is based on the principles set out below. There will be four levels of group trainings, as well as an individual approach. All trainings are held by arrangement and synchronized with the demands of the tennis training.

Trainings are based on the following factors:

  • identification of the stage of development, the period of preparation of player and sensitive phase of young tennis players

  • identification of individual characteristics and abilities (running tests)

  • determining the scope and intensity of training within the microcycle and mesocycle

  • set specific goals, objectives, methods and means of training process

  • harmonization of tennis andconditional training in order to perform the set tasks of progress

Stages of development of a tennis player:

1. stage - training young players

  • training young players

  • a. pre-training (6-8 years)

  • b. basic training (8-10 years.)

  • c. advanced training (10-14 years)

2. stage - training of elite tennis players

  • a. preparatory training for superior results (14-16 years)

  • b. training for superior results (16-19 years)

3. stage–training of recreational tennis players

  • a. training of prehabilitation (prevention of injury) character - for recreational tennis players


  • Group training

  • LEVEL 1 (2 players) - suitable for the age of advanced and high performance training (12-16)

    3 or more sessions
    per week. This level of preparation with regular tennis training provides competition and training shape at the national level.

    LEVEL 2 (4 players) - suitable for the age of basic and advanced training (8-14)

    3 sessions a week for one hour. Compared to the previous level (3), trainingsare far more demanding and with a regular tennis training provides basic competitive level of physical preparation. Besides, this type of training helps in performing more complex technical trainings.

    LEVEL 3 (6 players) - suitable for the training of primary age (8-10)

    3 sessions a week for one hour. Trainings include general physical preparation, with frequent use of simulation electronic equipment. This level is suitable for tennis players who are just starting with a more serious approach to conditional training.

    LEVEL 4 (8-10 players) - suitable for ages of pre-training (6-8)

    2 sessions a week for one hour. Training includes general motor preparation, especially exercise of coordination, balance, reaction, movement frequency, proper movement techniques, etc.. This level is suitable for tennis players who are just starting with the basic approach to conditional training.

  • Individual trainings
  • The trainings include specific motor preparation with frequent use of measurement and simulation electronic equipment in order to control and create a real load level that provides the best possible training effect


  • taking complete care of the general and specific physical preparation of the athlete

  • use of modern training methods and electronic telemetry equipment

  • long-term planning and precise permanent control of shape (load-recovery)

  • The number of trainings by arrangement with the coaches according to the periodization of competition




Form of training in which at the same time both tennis and conditional coach are included with constant monitoring of training load and recovery of players using the latest telemetry equipment.

  • integral method (analysis and synthesis) of technical, tactical, psychological and physiological characteristics of the game

  • assessment of the development of tennis games and estimation according to the model of top tennis player

  • assessment of the potentials of player in various areas and plans of development at different periods

  • long-term plan for the development of a strategy and the speed of player development

All further information and registration can be done by direct contacting of conditional coach. dr Zorana Pajić - 063/234 915 .