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My monitoring system is a mini-expert system is a result of my scientific and practical experience in coaching and monitoring the development of soccer players of all ages

His main goal is to help achieve adequate progress, the proper development and health care players. It provides the information as a systematized database for all tested ages from 6 years to seniors. The system uses elements of descriptive statistics and analysis of variance (min, max, SD, Z-values, percentiles), but in the final report is very clear and understandable for all the trainers without the knowledge of basic statistics.

This system of observing laboratory provides the crucial importance of field tests. They are realized in specific football training grounds, which are tailored to age football development standards recommended by FIFA.

Its application helps conditioning coach to:

  • systematically monitors the motor and morphological development of football

  • training process to adjust capabilities, characteristics and age of each player, ie, sensitive phases of the development of appropriate skills

  • determine motor abilities and morphological characteristics of the available footballer

  • exercise control and correction of work

  • achieve a better effect of the training process

  • program and creates the appropriate training

  • examines the effect of training program

  • short and long term planning the training programs

  • players provide objective feedback about their readiness for training and competition

  • raises the motivation of players

The system consists of two batteries of tests (motor and morphological) and two mini-application software. One is for analysis and processing of motor and the other morphological tests. Testing of motor abilities is realized by using the appropriate battery of tests that came as a result of the experience of world famous football nation and the school football.

According tothe standards of FIFA, a period of development of young players is divided into the stages of education (6-11 years), pre-training (12-15 years), training (16 -19 years) and after-training (19-21years). In these phases the young players are passing through different sensitive periods in the development of motor skills. For this reason, in this testing system the tests are different for the same motor skills, because these tests in their characteristics correspond to motor-functional capabilities of a given age. Of the many factors that represent the total motor status of players, those that will most realistically reflect the specific motor space necessary for the expression of effective techniques and football games are selected.

Testing is conducted to check the following skills and characteristics:

Motor (click on test name, to see detail description and videos)


  • height

  • weight

  • BMI - body mass index

  • percentage of body fat

  • percentage of muscle

  • calorie intake

  • analysis of daily energy requirements (DEP)

  • metabolism of daily activities (MDA)

  • energy food processing (DTI)

For the realization of mobility measurements using the most advanced telemetry IC devices (photo-cells - Browing Timing System) and a laser system for length, the evaluation of morphological characteristics - Body-impedance system Omron BF-511, the laser system for measuring height , etc.

In testing the seniors used SUUNTO system for active telemetric monitoring of physiological parameters.

The system is based on the use of two standards. The first is the average of all results achieved for an age, a second criterion is the model for the same age. This means that the results obtained compare a football player with all the results in the database for his age. The model is feedback from the coach (practice), or guideline that allows to determine the level of the monitored motor properties located in the model, ie, determine the current state of football skills in relation to the model.

Criterion model shows the differences that exist between the model and the actual football, where size is determined by the process of change and development in several measurements. This is precisely programmed training, monitor the dynamics of the implementation of training, more efficiently manage the development of certain features and capabilities included in the model.

In this system of monitoring the motor model that consists of the results of a large number so far tested players (5000) from the country and abroad as well as all our national teams. Thus, the model simulates the ideal specific motor segment anthropological area players current age categories. It is a dynamic system whose basis is a software organized databases, which each new measurement is enriched with new information, and thus affects the quality of the model.

After testing the realized gain by the computer processed results in written and graphic reports:

These reports include:

  • discussion of the results and proposed measures for further improvement;

  • suggestions for further work and expert comments;

  • possibility to compare our results with models, whose structure consists of the best results achieved boys (players) for their age from other clubs in the country and abroad who are istestirani period of 2000-the year to date.

After testing the morphological characteristics the software-processed in written and graphical reports are obtained. To form a morphological standards in the implementation of the report, the data from the database of the World Health Organization (WHO) is used, as well as the data obtained from measurements of all so far tested players of diferent ages.